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What is A1C?

Posted on August 26, 2015

A1C is a blood test done by the lab, which reflects overall control of Diabetes, dating back 3 months.  The A1C target according to ADA is <7% .  This level is associated with a low level of complications of Diabetes.  The target A1C should be individualized depending on a number of relevant factors such as age and duration of Diabetes.

The A1c should be done no more often than every 3 months.  The A1C test measures part of the red blood cell hemoglobin.  Red blood cells live 3-4 months, and one of the hemoglobin fractions in the red blood cell is the A1C.  This fraction irreversibly attaches sugar which crosses the red cell membrane.  The A1C, then, offers a 3-month barometer of overall Diabetes control

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