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At Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology, the doctors, physician extenders and staff are committed to helping our patients lose weight, maintain weight loss and gain better control of their health. Obesity and carrying excess weight are increasingly common, which can lead to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, Diabetes as well as other health conditions. People with and without Diabetes struggle to lose weight and may have to take multiple medications for medical problems related to the excess weight.

We have evaluated and tested a number of different weight loss solutions and work closely with our patients to recommend the methods that offer the greatest opportunities for success. Weight loss can lead to a number of important improvements in a persons overall health and is directly linked to improved Diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure control. We focus not only on weight loss, but work with our patients to maintain that weight loss long-term. Diabetics frequently can reduce their blood-sugar-lowering medication, including insulin, by losing weight.

Our programs are medically supervised for our patients with Diabetes, but are also open to people who have pre-diabetes or don’t have Diabetes at all. As your health and wellness coaches, we offer one-on-one sessions. Our goal is to educate, motivate and support you through your weight loss journey. Our programs are medically designed with two components – sensible weight loss and sustainable, stable weight maintenance. Our weight loss strategies include the use of nutrition education, diet and exercise plans as well as FDA-approved weight loss medications if necessary.

One of the weight loss methods that we work with is Ideal Protein. To learn more about Ideal Protein, click here.

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We work with our patients to help them understand:

  • How food is utilized by the body
  • What causes fat storage and how the body utilizes stored fat
  • How to improve energy levels
  • Appetite control and how to reduce cravings
  • How to maintain weight loss

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Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method

The Ideal Protein protocol offers structured weight loss while supporting muscle mass and understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage, utilization of stored fat for energy (usually has been by day 4 of the program), improved energy, appetite control and reduced cravings (usually on day 4 or 5). It is proven losing weight can improve blood sugar, cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. While following the Ideal Protein protocol, your pancreas will get a well-deserved break by limiting simple and complex carbs until your weight loss goal is achieved.

Through the one-on-one coaching sessions, we will help you navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice. We will help you determine what changes are necessary while on the Ideal Protein program in order to establish new eating habits and form long term success. Each coach brings vast nutrition knowledge and experience to the table ensuring you are receiving the best support available.

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