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Our Research department is one of the top Endocrine Research sites trusted worldwide in conducting investigational studies for the development of new medications and devices to help treat and prevent a wide range of Endocrine diseases.

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Clincial Trials Get the Facts

Clinical Trials give patients an opportunity to participate and help with the advancement of medications, devices, and ways to treat different conditions and diseases. Clinical research allows access to further information and care of a patient’s condition and possible access to new medication or treatment not available yet to the public. It also allows the patient to learn more about their disease or condition and allows them to have more of an active role in their health. Ultimately participation in research give participants the chance to help society and other people with the same condition or disease by increasing the knowledge of disease and supports development of new medications or treatments.

Our goals of the research department are to help with the advancement of new therapies and devices to help with Diabetes and Endocrine care but to improve a patient’s quality of life and health by offering new alternatives therapies that they would otherwise not have access to.  

  • Patients participating in a clinical trial can expect to receive additional care along side the care they would receive from their providers. Clinical research trials can require additional procedures such as additional lab work (blood and urine samples), ECGs, questionnaires, dietician visits and visits with our clinical research team.
  • Research visits can take 1-3 hours depending on the type of visit  and necessary requirements from the study. 
  • Research visits must stick to the mandatory requirements of each study and maybe less flexible compare to a standard visit to your provider. 
  • Participating in a research trial requires more frequent visits and phone calls with the site and open an honest communication with the Clinical Research staff. Patients are asked to call the site if they experience any medical or health issues or changes to their mediation.
  • Participation is voluntary and is greatly appreciated by our Clinical Research staff and the sponsors. 
  • Patients must meet inclusion criteria and other requirements to be able to participate. 
  • There is no cost to the patients for their participation and most studies will compensate the subject for their time and travel for completing required visits and procedures. 
  • Clinical trials can last anywhere from 1 visit to 5 years.
  • Yes, there is compensation for participating in each study as a thank you for your time and travel to the site. Compensation varies between each study and the requirements of each visit.  Compensations is provided on a payment card that is loaded after each visit is completed. The informed consent for each trial has a detailed description of the payment schedule and the Research Coordinator will review it with the patient during their screening visit. Patients who receive a payment of $600 or more during a tax year will receive a 1099-MISC form in the mail for tax purposes.
  • Every study is different and the visit  frequency will vary depending on the type of study. Most visits with the Clinical Research Coordinator will last 1-2 hour and are scheduled based on each individual studies requirements. The informed consent for each study will have a detailed explanation of the number of visits required for each study and whether it’s an onsite visit or phone visit. 
  • All visits are conducted Monday- Friday, with most visit being scheduled for the morning. Our office opens at 7am and closes at 4pm.
  • Most studies have a visit window which allows for some flexibility when scheduling study visits. 
  • Most studies will require blood work to confirm eligibility and to make sure that it is safe for patients to participate in the study.
  • All blood work will be conducted at the site by our Research team. 
  • All visits that requiring fasting blood draws will be scheduled in the morning.
  • Your insurance will not billed for any research visits, all materials and medication are provided by the research study. 
  • Yes, the study team will let the site know once all participants have completed the trial at all site (in the US and Globally) and all data has been collected. The site will send each participant a letter with the information regarding what treatment was received during the study.

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