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What is FibroScan

Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology is one of the first Endocrinology clinics in the Austin area to provide this innovative procedure.

FibroScan is a non-invasive test that helps assess the health of your liver and identify issues that might impact the quality of liver function. Conducted with ultrasound-based imaging, this cutting-edge diagnostic test gauges the amount of fat in the liver (hepatic steatosis). The FibroScan test also permits specialists to assess the degree of stiffness in the liver tissue. A significant degree of stiffness can indicate the existence of fibrotic scarring or additional concerns. Our experienced Physicians at Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology may request a Fibroscan analysis for individuals who demonstrate one or  more signs of a liver condition like:

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Alcohol-related liver damage
  • Advanced liver fibrosis (cirrhosis)
  • Insulin resistance syndrome
  • Hemochromatosis

How do I prepare for my Fibroscan?

FibroScan preparation is simple and straightforward. You will be asked to fast for at least 3 hours before your liver fibrosis test, and to take only clear fluids during that time. You should wear comfortable clothes (e.g. shirt, loose dress) that can be moved/repositioned to allow the Ultrasound Technician to examine your right upper abdomen. Please do not wear any tight clothing to your appointment. You may also be asked to rest on the examination bed for a few minutes before the exam because it is important for the measurements to be taken while your body is at rest.

What to expect once your arrive for the FibroScan test:

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled procedure time
  • FibroScan requires no sedation of any kind. You may drive yourself to and from the test.
  • For the procedure, you will lie on your back with your right arm raised behind your head, and your right abdominal area exposed (wear loose fitting clothing)
  • A FibroScan Technician will apply a water-based gel to your skin, then will place a non-invasive probe over your liver
  • During the exam, you may feel a slight vibration on the skin at the tip of the probe as it delivers ultrasound waves to the area for measuring purposes.

Instructions for your review:

FibroScan Patient Flyer

FibroScan FAQs

Based on your individual FibroScan results, your healthcare provider may refer you to a Gastroenterologist for further evaluation.

The typical FibroScan exam takes about 15 minutes to complete. Once the scan has been completed, the results will be ready for the provider to review with you during your apointment.

Good news! FibroScans are not at all painful, and no sedation is needed. If you have ever had an ultrasound before, you will find the FibroScan procedure to be similar. You lie on your back with your right arm above your head, providing access to your right rib cage so that your liver can be scanned. Gel is applied to the area and the FibroScan device is placed on the skin between your ribs. You may feel a slight vibration as the device sends energy pulses to your liver to gather measurements.

Your results are available same day. Your healthcare provider will talk with you about your results during your appointment.

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