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Weight Loss

Get the Facts About Weight Loss

If a person has diabetes and is on medications, or has high blood pressure on medications, then these medications may need to be reduced as a person loses weight.  We advise a visit with one of our health care providers for people with diabetes and/or high blood pressure prior to starting the program for medication adjustments and then 2-3 visits after starting for monitoring and further adjustments.

Yes.  Weight loss is the most effective way to prevent diabetes in people who have pre-diabetes.  Exercise is also a vital part of preventing diabetes.

We selected the Muscle Wise program originally to help our patients with diabetes.  A low carbohydrate weight loss approach lowers blood sugars effectively and many of our patients with diabetes have been able to reduce or even stop some of their diabetes medications.  Of course, the program is very effective for people who don’t have diabetes as well.

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