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Insulin Pumps & CGM

What You Need to Know About Insulin Pumps & CGM

Insulin Pumps

If you are experiencing problems with your insulin pump or personal CGM, please contact the pump manufacturer at the number located on the back of the insulin pump. They will be able to address malfunctions, troubleshooting and discuss replacement. For pump refill supplies, please contact the pharmacy distributor.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGMS)

This is a new and improving technology that allows a person with diabetes to obtain a blood sugar reading every 5 minutes. It involves a small “filament” being inserted like a needle into the subcutaneous space which is attached to an external tiny recorder or transmitter.

CGMS is available at TD&E in two forms. One is a continuous glucose monitor, which we set up at the office. If your healthcare provider has requested that you have the “Professional CGMS” placed in-office, you will be expected to wear this device for 10-14 business days. You will be scheduled for an office visit to remove the CGM device and download the data. At this visit, an Advanced Practice Provider will analyze the CGM data obtained to determine your next step in treatment.

The second form is a continuous monitor owned by the patient which is used to obtain “real time” glucose readings. This technology can be used to detect low and high sugars and help improve diabetes control. If your healthcare provider determines a “Personal CGMS” is the best option for you, they will review the options available to start the ordering process. Dependent on the model, you may require an office visit for additional training once the device has been received. Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology requires all Personal CGMS device users to provide their CGM data for interpretation & analysis at each visit. CGM data allows for the direct observation of glycemic excursions and daily profiles, which allows your healthcare provider to make informed decisions on immediate therapy and/or lifestyle modifications. CGM data also provides the ability to assess glucose variability and identify patterns of hypo-and-hyperglycemia. Please note: A CGM Data Interpretation & Analysis will be charged at each office visit.

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