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Test Results

What You Need to Know About Test Results

Lab testing is a necessary tool in the treatment of chronic conditions.  TD&E asks that you have your labs drawn at least one week before your scheduled appointment. We do not have a laboratory drawing station in our office. You can visit the website of the laboratory you use to find locations that are convenient to you. Please refer to your laboratory order to see if you need to be fasting. The word “fasting” will be written on the order if you need to be fasting. This means nothing to eat or drink after midnight, the night before your draw. All lipid tests require you to be fasting.

While most tests come back in a few days, other tests, such as Advanced Lipid tests can take up to two weeks for the result to come back to us. Our goal is to have your laboratory results and results of any other services available to be discussed with you at your scheduled visit. Our policy is to review results with patients at scheduled visits even if the test result is normal. This allows the patient and practitioner to discuss other treatment options and formulate a new treatment plan. Lab results are not discussed prior to your appointment unless your provider requests it.

If your practitioner requests that you do labs between visits, please allow ten days to receive the results after you have your labs drawn. If your results are abnormal, a nurse will contact you with changes to your treatment regimen or may contact you requesting that you make an appointment to go over the results. If your labs are normal, you will receive written correspondence from your practitioner along with a copy of the labs for your records. Should you have questions once you receive your results, please contact your provider’s nurse. They will be able to address any questions and concerns with your practitioner. Please allow time for the nurse to communicate your concerns with the doctor, and they will get back with you as soon as possible.

If your insurance requires you to go to a specific laboratory, please notify us so that we can flag your chart and provide you with an order form they accept. We do not bill for laboratory services so you will receive a bill from the laboratory for their services. Should you have any questions about tests that are covered, please contact your insurance carrier, and provide them with the test and diagnosis. They should be able to provide coverage benefits.

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