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Dr. Srujana Yada Clarifies How Ultra-Processed Foods Affect People with Type 2 Diabetes 

Posted on September 12, 2023

Ultra-processed foods are natural foods that have been changed by adding ingredients like salt, sugar, oil, and other additives. These changes result in longer shelf life and convenience. They make up about 60% of the average individual’s caloric intake. 

Research has indicated that eating ultra-processed foods can increase mortality risk in people with type 2 diabetes. The risk of heart disease is more than double with UPA’s.

In a recent Healthline article, endocrinologist Dr. Srujana Yada shares her knowledge about ultra-processed food’s effect on the body. Dr. Yada says “UPFs are loaded with sugar and have less fiber, which leads to rapid glucose spikes and can cause weight gain, increased insulin resistance, and worsened diabetes control.”

Read the article to learn about ultra-processed foods’ effect on people with type 2 diabetes.

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