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Dr. Srujana Yada for Health Central: How Anemia Can Cause Excess Thirst

Posted on September 25, 2023

There are numerous causes of unexplained increased thirst (polydipsia), including dehydration, anemia, dry mouth, and hypercalcemia. However, it is mostly commonly associated with diabetes. 

In a recent Health Central article, endocrinologist Dr. Srujana Yada explains that extreme thirst can be a result of severe anemia because when “blood pressure drops and blood volume decreases, one of the mechanisms our brain uses to maintain blood pressure is to increase water intake.” 

Dr. Yada advises people to drink two to three liters of fluid (about a gallon) a day, and  “if a person is drinking more than a gallon a day for several days and unable to quench thirst even after that, I would recommend seeing a doctor.”  

Read the article to learn about the causes of polydipsia and when to see a doctor.

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