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What do I need to know before my Thyroid Ultrasound exam?

Posted on August 26, 2015
  • What will it be like?

You will be lying down on an exam table, as the sonographer uses an ultrasound device to take images of your thyroid. This is done over the skin without any invasive procedures


  • Who will perform the exam?

In most cases, a sonographer, who is a professional trained to conduct ultrasound examinations, will perform the exam. He or she obtains and records a series of pictures. Your doctor then reviews the pictures. The doctor may discuss your exam with the sonographer, and will then give you an official explanation or interpretation of what was seen on the sonogram. This interpretation may not be available immediately after you have your exam. In some cases, the doctor also will examine you to confirm or resolve uncertain or unclear findings.


  • Are there any special preparations for the exam?

There is no special preparation for this examination.


  • Will it hurt?

There is no pain involved in an ultrasound examination of the thyroid. The transducer is placed on your skin surface after a gel is applied to your neck to provide better contact.


  • How long will it take?

The length of time for the examination will depend on the specific reasons your doctor requested it. The reasons will affect how complex the examination needs to be.

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