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What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?

Posted on August 26, 2015

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a newer technology which allows very frequent monitoring/checking of blood sugar.  To use a CGM, the user must insert a tiny filament into the subcutaneous space for up to a week at a time which is attached to a small transmitter which is adhesed to the skin.  A signal is sent from the transmitter to a reading device.   The CGM measures the sugar in the spaces between the fat cells.  This reading correlates well with the actual blood sugar.

CGM gives the user the ability to monitor the blood sugar more comprehensively.  The CGM monitors can be programmed to alarm if the patient is below or above a glucose threshold.  We have used CGM extensively in Type 1 diabetes and it is sometimes used in Type 2 diabetes.

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