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Why should I have a Thyroid Ultrasound Exam?

Posted on August 26, 2015

There are many reasons for examining the thyroid with ultrasound. The most common reason is to provide more information for your doctor about the following:

  • A mass your doctor felt while examining you;
  • Something unusual was found by other exams, such as a nuclear scan, a CT scan, or an MRI exam;
  • What caused your thyroid gland to get larger;
  • What caused the pain or swelling in your thyroid gland; or
  • Abnormalities in your thyroid, such as masses or cysts.

A sonogram may not provide all the information your doctor needs. In these cases, more studies or tests may be needed. These may include blood tests; a biopsy in which your doctor removes a small amount of cells or fluid; or other types of ultrasound examinations.

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