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Pediatric Diabetes Research

Posted on January 19, 2016

Parents will be pleased to know that beginning in February, Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology (TDE) will begin clinical trials for new insulins in children and teens with Type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Tom Blevins, Medical Director of TDE Research explains, “We are excited to finally offer these trials to children and teens with Type 1 diabetes right here in Austin. The goal is to find better treatments and technology to help improve the lives of those children and teens.”

In addition, TDE plans to pursue pediatric device trials, including trials for new glucose sensors……AND……DRUM ROLL…. Closed loop systems (also known as the artificial pancreas).

To find out more about how your child/teen can participate call TDE Research at 512.334.3505 Ext. 1 or visit to apply for currently enrolling trials.

People of Austin, what do you think…. Should we pursue further Pediatric (Child/Teen) diabetes research here in Austin? Let’s get the buzz going…..

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